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Africa has so many things to offer, especially Tanzania; its soul. Its has attractive natural wonders, wildlife, culture diverse etc. The country is the best tourist destination listed by safaribookings.com. The Gallery does organised safaris to all attraction destinations across the country. Respect the client's interests, time frame and budget, through providing a quality service that values the money accordingly.
Imagine a world without art, no creative advertisement signs, no pictures in children’s books, etc. How could the world be?. We add value and put meaning to our lives by doing the work of art. The Gallery does the painting class, wall paintings, hotel display organize painting expo etc.
Art is one of the vital aspects of our life, but the artists are ignored and exploited consciously or unconsciously. Now the DN Gallery; here it is, to help and support them to realize their rights and how potential they are to the community, what they capable of etc.
We bring them together and connect with potential opportunities under the DN Gallery foundation.
The DN Gallery, do value time and money. Through the provision of consultancy services which covered these field of expertise such as researching, project development and management, business development, accounting consulting, training and capacity development, tourism, IT, NGO/CBOs development, volunteer management, Business plan, and much more. All consultancy and non-consultancy services from individual, private, and public organizations.

DN Gallery is a social-enterprise firm established with the purpose of helping to provide solutions to some of the Community needs, through its innovative and creative approaches.


At a Glance...
DN Gallery is a social-enterprise firm established with the purpose of helping contribute to the fulfillment of community needs. It does consultancy on three major issues. Currently, deals with Travel, Art and Community. Whereby, on Tourism, we operate as a travel agency helps those in need to achieve their safari desire. Design and Artwork;  here we do produce artwork especial paintings and other artwork services. On the Community, we focus on helping the artists whose are willingly agree to be supported by the DN Gallery by bring them together and connect with potential opportunities. The DN Gallery, view community challenges as the opportunities to deal with, at the same time create a win-win environment to beneficiary and problem solver. Professional support by do consultancy to support individuals, private and public entities.
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Oloirien, Arusha, Tanzania
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